Our goal is to provide this service to your company at a very reasonable cost.

Once we receive your completed Information Request form and we know which of our services you are requesting, we will contact you by phone, fax, or e-mail and give you a cost quote for your job.

We get your approval BEFORE starting any work and BEFORE you pay us anything. Personal checks and most major credit cards are acceptable.

Once the service is completed, we will send you an itemized statement for your records listing all services performed, costs expended, etc.

Schedule of Costs

  • Provide Notice of Furnishing, notice to owner, or any other required preliminary notice.
    (Includes cost of certified mailings) $100 per project

  • Preparation and filing of mechanic’s lien or bond claim ‡

  • Lien waivers (Partial and Final) See below – based on volume
  • Preparation of mechanic’s lien releases $100 per release
  • Request for individual state filing requirements. $75
  • Cancellation fee ‡‡ $100
  • Surcharge $150-$250

Note: Many states require a pre-lien notice be sent as a predicate to the successful filing of a mechanic’s lien. If you have not sent the pre-lien notice, your right to file a mechanic’s lien may be adversely affected.

‡ This cost DOES NOT include (1) Court required filing and recording fees or (2) cost of O & E Reports, Title Examination Reports, etc. Costs for preparation of mechanic’s liens are based on DeHaan & Bach RECEIVING the information request form from your company at least six (6) business days prior to lien/bond claim filing statute deadline. In the event the request is RECEIVED with less than six (6) business days remaining before the expiration of the statute deadline, a SURCHARGE (normally in the range of $150-$250) dependent upon the time required and complexity to complete the requested service will be added to the normal fee.

‡‡ The cancellation fee will be charged in the following instances where our office, after the initial investigation and preparatory work has begun (1) is told by your company to stop work and not file the mechanic’s lien; or (2) we determine that no mechanic’s lien rights exist and so advise you; or (3) your customer pays its account or a representative of your company makes a separate agreement to pay the account satisfactory to you. The cancellation fee does not include any charges for title searches or other costs associated with the initial lien investigation.

† A Notice of Commencement must accompany request for mechanic’s lien in these states. If no notice of commencement is furnished, there is an additional cost of $100.

†† Our office will also prepare bonded stop notices in California. Fees for this service will be separately negotiated with the client.