We are a law firm, but in most states you don’t have to be a lawyer to file liens or assert bond claims. We have been helping companies like yours file liens and protect their rights to payment since 1985. We maintain a complete library of forms, state laws, and filing requirements for every state. This allows us to file your lien promptly and at a very reasonable cost.

In the few states that require a licensed attorney to file a Mechanic’s Lien, we have a network of experienced attorneys that will process your lien with our help. We deal with the attorneys, the legal requirements, and all the paperwork. You simply provide us with the needed project information.

DeHaan and Bach will furnish you with copies of everything that we prepare and file on your behalf.

Lien Waivers and Releases

We will prepare any form of lien waiver you require (partial or final, conditional or unconditional) and send it to you, the lender, title company, etc.

We will also prepare release documents, provide sureties (bonding companies) with Assignment of Claim documents, and indemnification documents in appropriate cases.